Overhead Door Maintenance & Repair Service

What do you call a garage door that doesn’t work?  A wall. 

There’s only so many ups and downs in the life of a garage door, and while it’s impossible to predict when the last down - or worse - up will be, regular maintenance will extend your door’s operating life, saving you money in the long run.

Our 21-point maintenance inspection covers every working part of your door - fasteners, rollers, hinges, cables, the tension drive chain and more.  We grade each component in your overhead door system as green, yellow and red so you’ll know the exact condition of your garage door before deciding on repairs or replacement.

And while we’ll lubricate and tighten all hinges and rollers while we’re doing our inspection, we’ll also provide an estimate for any significant repairs.  If you decide to move forward with a repair or replacement, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing our work is covered with a 1-year warranty on parts ( except for springs) and labour.

~ 24-7 Service in Action ~

On the weekend my wife and I were inside our home and heard a very loud pop come from the garage. We checked in and didn’t find anything out of place. It wasn’t until we attempted (unsuccessfully) to open our garage door that we realized one of the lift springs had snapped. We didn’t realize how reliant we were on our garage until we lost the use of ours! I called several businesses in panic Monday morning, and it was Wallace and Wallace that answered my call. They had a technician down that morning. He was able to custom make two springs and have us back in operation very soon after my initial call. He also pointed out several components of my garage door assembly that were beginning to show signs of wear. He went above and beyond and lubricated all the bearings and hinges and now our door opens and closes much more quietly. Great service and a very knowledgeable tech.

Thank you Wallace and Wallace!

- Jeff Bergen

For emergency service 24/7/365 or to book a maintenance inspection service call, call 275-2700.