Why Overhead Door Maintenance Is Important

Your garage door needs regular preventive maintenance. So does your boiler, your furnace, and pretty much every other working appliance or fixture in your home.

Why? Because preventive maintenance saves you money. That very business-oriented article holds true for homeowners, too - more evidence to support the age old wisdom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

How often you’ll need maintenance on your overhead doors depends on a number of factors - the most important of which is how often you use them. If there are multiple people driving in and out of the garage each day, you’ll want maintenance at least once a year. If your door is rarely used, maintenance every 2 to 3 years should be fine.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of preventive maintenance for your overhead doors.

You’ll keep your family safe

Garage doors are by no means death traps, but they can become dangerous if they fall off their tracks. When you get routine maintenance, your technician will ensure that everything is properly aligned and well-lubricated. They’ll also check all of the components of your door to make sure nothing is on the verge of failing.

You’ll reduce your risk of inconvenience

You might think inconvenience isn’t the end of the world - but the kind of inconvenience we’re talking about is standing in your garage when it’s -35 degrees celsius outside and you’re late for work. That’s very inconvenient. Regular maintenance means your overhead door will be that much less likely to malfunction at a critical moment.

You can reduce your overall costs

The cost to get garage door maintenance is about $150. The cost for most repairs starts at about 3 times that much. And the price to replace your garage door is likely going to be at least 15x more.

When you extend your garage door’s life, you’re saving a lot of money. Think about it like this: even if you’re servicing your door every year, if it means you don’t need to repair your door every 3 years, you’re still breaking even - and you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of suddenly needing repairs.

What’s more, routine maintenance will extend the life of your garage door. That means less money spent on repairs and a longer lifespan before you need a replacement - preventive maintenance can save you money.

We provide overhead doors in Winnipeg, so if you need a new door, give us a call. We can help with preventive maintenance, too. Call us if you ever need your overhead door serviced, or even if you just want a couple of ideas about how you can service your door yourself. While you might not be able to do everything, tasks like lubricating rollers are within most people’s ability.