Preventative Maintenance

Loading Dock, Overhead, Fire Door & Automated Gate Maintenance Service

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Downtime and injuries from equipment maintenance oversight can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re not diligent about your maintenance schedule, it’s not a matter of if, but when unplanned downtime will wreck your day.

Our Preventive Maintenance Program reduces:

  • Costly equipment repairs
  • Costly downtime
  • Employee injury
  • Missing delivery times
  • Damaged product

The right time to avoid down time is now

We install, repair and service all makes and models of automated vehicle gates, commercial overhead doors, loading dock equipment, and restraint systems. Our licensed and trained technicians are on call for emergency repairs and service 24/7. But don't wait.

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Enrolment Features

Our Preventative Maintenance Program combines regular inspection, routine maintenance, and preemptive repairs to ensure you maximize asset longevity.

Long-term benefits of Program enrolment include:  

  1. Maximizing your investment by extending the life of your equipment
  2. Reduce the lifetime cost of ownership
  3. Increasing productivity by avoiding costly downtime due to unplanned maintenance
  4. Reduced liability and potentially lower Worker’s Compensation premiums

Program features:

  • Regularly scheduled inspection & maintenance visits
  • Transparent maintenance reports
  • Back up documentation as evidence of a safe workplace
  • Preemptive parts replacement on critical automated gate parts
  • Preferential scheduling of Inspection visits
  • Priority response for emergency repairs

Qualifying Products


  • Alpha and Delta Sliding Gates
  • PDTT and PDXT Speed Gates
  • Foldsmart Gates
  • Cantilever Slide Gates
  • Ornamental Slide Gates
  • Vertical Pivot Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Barrier Arms
  • Access Control Systems

Commercial & Industrial
Overhead Doors

  • Insulated Sectional Doors
  • Uninsulated Sectional Doors
  • Aluminum Sectional Doors
  • Rolling Steel Doors
  • Service & Fire Doors
  • Fire Shutters
  • Insulated Doors
  • Counter Fire Doors
  • Roll Down Store Front Doors
  • TNR Rubber Doors
  • Rytec Hi-Speed Doors

Loading Dock

  • Dock Levelers
  • Dock Bumpers & Seals
  • Dock Restraints
  • Dock Edges
  • Dock Shelters

Electric Operators
(electric & hydraulic)

  • Reversing Edges
  • Radio Controls
  • Photo Eyes
  • Specialty Radio Controls

Book your Service Assessment to get started

Contact us to arrange for an initial Service Assessment.  During the assessment we'll complete any maintenance needed as well a recommend a customized preventive maintenance plan tailored to your operation.

You can also choose from two different parts replacement packages. In our Pay-you-Go option, we replace parts only after you authorize the repair.  Alternatively, you can avoid delays, extra costs, and risks associated with the quote-building and approval process by establishing a pre-approved parts replacement budget which gets drawn down as needed. 

For more information call (204) 452-2700 or email: (for commercial overhead doors and loading dock systems) (for automated gates)