Garage Door Openers Winnipeg

Eye Opening Garage Door Openers   

If your garage door opener is 10 years old or more, you’re missing out on several generations of technology improvements.   Today’s garage door openers are full of eye-popping features that keep up with the pace of busy homeowners.

Sleek and (almost sexy) 

Calling the latest designs sexy might be a stretch but today’s garage door openers are designed to be sleek and aesthetically attractive.  Built with energy efficient LED lighting and smart home technology, our complete line-up of LiftMaster openers, the world’s most trusted name in garage door operators, boast features that can’t be found in competitive offerings.

Smart Phone Connectivity & Amazon Alexa Integration

All our garage door products features myQ technology. Just download the app and your phone is automatically connected to your garage door.  Control, secure and monitor your garage door from anywhere your busy life takes you.  Another feature of our openers is the Amazon Alexa integration for Amazon deliverers. No need to worry about missing Amazon packages when you can open your garage door remotely for the deliveries!

Real Time Diagnostics

Your myQ app will also monitor and keep track of your garage door and garage door opener’s health reminding you of service dates and repairs as needed. It will let you know right away if there’s an issue with your garage door and share your diagnostics with our Service Center so we can alert you to repairs before your door becomes a wall.

LED Lighting

All our garage door openers come with either a 2,000 lumens Corner to Corner lighting system that brightens every corner of your garage or a 1500 lumens option to brighten the high traffic areas.  And with the long-lasting efficiency of LED, you may never have to change your garage lights again.   Built-In Camera and Battery Back up Optional features include a built-in camera with free real-time video monitoring whether you’re at work, the lake or having some fun in the winter sun.  You can also choose between a 7-day or 30-day video storage option via a monthly subscription fee and, with two way audio you can communicate remotely with the kids, neighbour or furniture delivery service.

Belt Drive Units

One notable feature of our belt drive units is their maintenance-free nature, which eliminates the need for regular upkeep. Additionally, these units are known for their remarkably quiet operation, ensuing a peaceful and undisturbed environment. 

When you think about how your garage door opens and closes, it’s time to think about modern lighting and designs that turn your garage into an extension of your smart home.   Give us a call to learn more and find the model that’s best for you.