Canyon Ridge® Modern Series

Insulated modern style garage doors with faux wood-look composite overlays.

Canyon Ridge® Modern garage doors combine the beautiful look of wood with contemporary design. Streamline the look of a traditional home or add a sophisticated touch to a modern or mid-century style exterior with these durable faux wood modern doors.


Clopay Canyon Ridge® Modern garage doors provide a wide range of door designs that perfectly complement contemporary homes. These doors are constructed with steel for strength and durability, and molded composite materials for beauty and realism. These doors feature:

  • 4-layer construction including durable, composite, steel, and Intellicore® insulation.
  • 2" Intellicore® polyurethane insulation with a thermal break.
  • R-Value ranging from 6.3 to 20.4.
  • WINDCODE® reinforcement product available for high wind load applications. (Details)

Environmental Assurance

Clopay doors are compliant with environmental laws and regulations. Clopay doors do not contain HFCs. All Clopay doors are compliant with:

  • California SB 1013
  • Washington HB 1112 - Hydrofluorocarbon Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Canadian regulations amending the ozone-depleting substances and halocarbon alternatives regulation


Clopay® Canyon Ridge® Modern garage doors are built with a strong base door and overlays. The faux wood-look composite overlays are low maintenance, durable and won't rot, warp or crack.

Warmer. Quieter. Stronger.

Garage doors featuring Intellicore® insulation technology represent the ultimate smart choice for homeowners. Clopay’s Intellicore® is a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into a garage door, expanding to fill the entire structure. The result is a door with incredible strength, energy efficiency and durability.

  • Plank design: Faux-wood doors with intellicore® polyurethane insulation. 20.4 R-value.
  • Metal Inlay design: Faux-wood doors with intellicore® polyurethane insulation. 18.4 R-value.
  • Full View design: Faux-wood doors with intellicore® polyurethane insulation. 6.3 R-value.
  • Replaceable vinyl bottom weather seal in rust free aluminum retainer helps protect against the elements.
  • High performance nylon ball bearing rollers help ensure smooth, long-lasting, quiet operation.
  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel hinges and brackets for smooth and worry-free operation.
  • Safe-T-Bracket® - Prevents serious injury that could occur if the bottom bracket were removed with the garage door closed and under tension.
  • Product complies with 2015 IECC air infiltration requirement of 0.40 cfm/ft2 or less (IECC, Section C402.5.2)


Customize your Clopay® Canyon Ridge® Modern garage door with your preferred design, color, hardware and glazing options. Choose from horizontal plank designs, aluminum inlays, and full-view glass options. If you are in search of more color options, our ColorBlast® program allows you to select from hundreds of Sherwin-Williams® color options or mix the perfect custom color.

Plank Design 6"

  • Plank

  • Plank - Short windows down side

  • Plank - Short windows down both sides

  • Plank - All windows

  • Plank - Long windows down side

  • Plank - Long windows down both sides

Metal (Aluminum) Inlay Design

  • Metal Inlay

Full View Design

  • Full View

Specialty Glass Options

  • Rain *

  • Frosted *

  • Obscure *

* Avalable on Plank and Full-View Design Options only.

Material Options

Plank Cladding

  • Clear Cypress

  • Mahogany

Metal (Aluminum) Inlay Cladding

  • Clear Cypress

  • Mahogany

Full View Overlay

  • Clear Cypress

  • Mahogany


  • Medium Finish

  • Dark Finish

  • Walnut Finish

  • Slate Finish

  • Black Finish

  • White Finish

  • Primed (No Finish)

Black and White Finish available only on Mahogany cladding and overlays.

Hardware Designs


  • Optional Aluminum Grip Handles (included)

  • Spade Lift Handles

Various color options are available on the Aluminum Grip Handle.


  • Spade Step Plate (included)
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