Loading Dock Equipment In Winnipeg

In addition to commercial loading dock doors, we supply, install and service a wide range of loading dock equipment to help ensure dock operations run safely, securely, and efficiently.  We have experience in problem-solving challenges of all shapes and sizes, having worked with customers in cold storage, food & beverage, distribution and warehousing.

Loading Dock Equipment We Carry

Dock Levellers 

Our relationships with the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry, like Serco and Pentalift, ensure access to a broad range of product solutions, timely installation and a competitive price.  Whether you need mechanical, air-powered, hydraulic, vertical lift or edge-of-dock levellers, our team will work with you to find the right solution and ensure a smooth installation with little to no downtime.

Dock Seals and Shelters 

Worn or damaged dock seals in our northern climate burn money. They not only leak heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, they create an uncomfortable working environment which hinders productivity and undermines safety. We offer a wide range of dock seals to accommodate doors and trailers of every size. 

We also supply and install a wide range of dock shelters to help crews work safely and comfortably through even the harshest Manitoba winter while maintaining climate control in the rest of the facility.

Vehicle Restraint Systems 

Every year, serious injuries occur when lift trucks accidentally drive off the dock or fall between it and the trailer.  Vehicle restraint systems prevent these types of accidents by locking trailers into position, eliminating vehicle creep during loading/unloading, and preventing premature pull-aways due to miscommunication.  Talk to us about the right restraining system for your operation.

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