Roll Shutters in Winnipeg

Your Property’s Windows and Doors are Soft Targets.  Harden them.

Benefits of Roll Shutters and Awnings for Overhead Doors

Whether against natural or manufactured threats, protect your property’s doors and windows with roll shutters.  We carry a wide range of window roll shutters and roller doors for residential and commercial properties and will custom fit your specifications.  With a range of colours and finishes to choose from, we’ll customize your roll shutters to complement the look of your building, ensuring they effortlessly blend in while enhancing the visual appeal of your property.

Improves Security 

Burglars break into homes through patio doors 48% of the time and through windows 32% of the time.

Roll Shutters and roller doors eliminate easy access to the softest part of your building’s envelope—its windows and doors. And, because most break-ins are crimes of opportunity, roll shutters and roller doors are effective deterrents because they encourage would-be intruders to find a softer target.

Noise Reduction 

One in five people suffer from sleep disorders because of noise.  Roller shutters can reduce outside noise by up to 10 dB.

Roll Shutters minimize noise and outside disturbances and give you the best chance to create a quiet oasis in the middle of a noisy neighbourhood.

Energy Efficiency Most energy transfer occurs through windows. Roll shutters can reduce it by up to 40%.

Window and door shutters minimize heat transfer.  In the summer, they minimize heat loss and reduce the strain on your cooling system.  Likewise, in the winter, they act as an additional insulation layer, helping to retain heat indoors and reduce overall energy costs.

Light Control 

Interior shading reduces solar radiation by only 25%, whereas roll shutters can reduce it by 75%.

Achieving the perfect ambience for any room is largely the function of the light, and roll shutters allow you to adjust the amount of natural light in the room.

Weather Protection 

Roll Shutters provide excellent protection against the elements and are designed to withstand strong winds, flying debris, heavy rain and hail, safeguarding your windows and doors from potential damage.

Garage Door Screens 

While opening your garage door creates a usable open-air space for DIY project work, a kid’s play area or just another vantage point to watch the sunset or a storm roll in, it also allows bugs, leaves, debris and the rest of the great outdoors in.

Garage door screens work with your existing garage door to cover the entire garage door opening with a fibreglass mesh screen.  They require no special tools or electrical hookups and are quick and easy to install.  

Increase your living area, improve your garage’s functionality and get the most out of one of the largest rooms in your house.  

Zip Screens From Heroal:

Zip Screen system for private, medium and large-scale construction projects School, office and residential buildings Range of opacities from translucent to fully opaque Installed outside of the window, motorized control, and works even when installation space is at a premium—doesn’t sacrifice window area. Can cover up to 15 square meters (up to 6 m wide). Wind load resistance up to 145 KM/hour Solar radiation reduced by up to 80% means optimal interior climate along with privacy, reduced glare and heat protection. Range of colour and fabric styles

Our Services


A Wall, an opening, a door, a solution.

We supply, install and service a range of overhead door products designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and retail use.  If you need an opening that closes quickly, efficiently and reliably, give us a call.  We have the solution.

Sunshine Doors 

Sunshine Doors are translucent overhead doors made of polycarbonate panels within an aluminum frame that are designed to let in as much natural light as possible.  They are the go-to choice for car dealerships, car washes, commercial, industrial shops and manufacturing facilities where a bright, naturally lit working environment is important.  You will also find them in dairy barns, fire stations and ambulance bays.  

Polycarbonate is 1/3 the weight of glass but 140 times stronger, which allows for attractive, wide-span installations and design ideas that would otherwise be impractical. In addition, multiwall construction creates an airspace that delivers R-values as good as a triple pane window, providing excellent energy efficiency.

Fire Doors 

Fire doors are rated based on how long they are proven to withstand a fire and can range from 45 minutes to 4 hours.  Fire doors activate during a fire event to create a structural barrier to prevent fire, gases and smoke from spreading to adjacent rooms.  

Our doors are built for maximum durability and protection and include automatic resets and test key switches to accommodate regular testing.  They also include built-in battery backup for reliable operations during power outages.  By law, these doors must be tested annually and records kept on file, a service we provide as part of our preventative maintenance program.

Security Grilles 

Rolling security grilles are a flexible solution for many applications.  We’ve installed them to protect storefronts in mall environments, into shelving units to safeguard tobacco products and pharmaceuticals, and in parking garages and bike enclosures.  Security grilles are built to job specifications and feature a range of grill spacing options and design weaves.

Motorization & Automation

High-Speed Doors 

We offer a range of high-speed spiral doors that are the ideal solution for high-traffic areas like service bays and parking garages.  These doors are the first line of defence to keep unauthorized people out as they open and close quickly—at up to 100 inches per second—which keeps traffic flowing smoothly and pedestrian traffic out.  Its speed also reduces the likelihood of vehicle/door collisions to near zero.

Fast opening and closing speeds are also game-changers for climate-controlled facilities and energy efficiency-minded businesses.  HVAC systems don’t need to work as hard to maintain a constant temperature, there is less energy loss, which leads to lower heating and cooling costs, and the patented roll-up design minimizes metal-to-metal contact, which reduces wear and tear and lifetime service costs.

Roll-up Rubber Doors 

We supply and install roll-up rubber doors for unique applications found in the aggressive conditions of heavy industry, where doors are subject to high levels of wear and tear and in specialized operations where contamination or pollution is a concern.  Our rubber doors are resistant to environmental factors such as moisture, temperature changes, chemical exposure and high wind loads and are found in cold storage, refrigeration, mining, clean rooms, hygienic spaces and high-pressure zones.

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