Nominate an Unsung Hero You Know

Through the 2022-23 hockey season we're celebrating the unsung heroes in our community. How?

Each month we're inviting listeners on Winnipeg's number one sports talk show, Winnipeg Sports Talk to nominate an Unsung Hero they know. Who qualifies? You know! The guy who's first out the door after a snowstorm clearing everyone's driveway. The Mom who not only coaches her daughter's lacrosse team but pitches in at the school fundraiser. The ice-maker up at the crack of dawn to pebble the ice. There's a thousand acts of contribution every day and we want to hear about them!

Once a month Winnipeg Sports Talk host, Andrew Paterson will randomly select an Unsung Hero to win an autographed Josh Morrissey Winnipeg Jets jersey. And, to recognize the WST listener who submitted the nomination, we'll donate $500 in their name to the Dream Factory which will be matched by Josh and Margo Morrissey! That's $1000 a month to make a dream come true for the unsung heroes in our province who are battling life-threatening illnesses.

WST listeners and Wallace friends and family can get involved in two ways:

  1. To nominate an Unsung hero, send an email describing the things your Unsung hero does to
  2. To make a direct donation to the Dream Factory in the name of an Unsung Hero in your life: Dream Factory/Unsung Hero